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A Blog on your Website can attract more potential Customers

This is the first of a series of articles, answering the question, “So you have a Website, now what?

In these articles, I will explore ways to attract people to visit your Website. As I discuss each approach we will also show how they are all possibly interrelated.

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What is a blog?

A blog is a medium where you can share your thoughts, experiences, tips, and/or educate others. In some cases, some entire websites are blogs. In your case, the blog is a portion ( page(s)) on your website that you will use to write articles, often called blog posts, for your users (Customers and potential Customers).

Your articles or blog posts can cover a range of topics, but what I would suggest for new websites is that they start with educating your users about your experiences and expertise.

Blog Post Content

A few of your articles can be funny stories. Something that you have experienced that you think others would find funny or interesting, but the main focus is to present your readers with some useful and/or interesting information.


In the home services area, let’s take a plumber as an example. You could start by thinking about:

The top five questions you most often get asked and/or

The top five pieces of advice you would give to your Customers (Plumbing Tips, etc). A couple of example are:

1) How to recognize signs of trouble with your water heater
2) Tips to keep your drains trouble free

I'm sure you can come up with many more.

Your articles (Blog Posts) don’t need or shouldn’t be to be a long dissertation. Even though Google likes long articles, most home services providers, who are writing their own articles probably won’t hit that length.

Your articles can be as short as about 350 words as long as it is well written.

Your blog can have a comment system, where readers can leave comments about what you have written. This is your choice.

Even though your website is well done and easy to use, you want potential Customers to differentiate you from the other sites they visit. This is where your blog can help. If people find your articles interesting and/or useful, you have an advantage over your competition. You can use your blog to get potential Customers to frequent your website for interesting and useful information.

Your articles should be consistently frequent. It is disheartening and unprofessional to go to a website's blog and find that the last article was written months ago or longer. People who frequent your sites for information will come back often if they know that they will almost always find fresh content.

Social Media

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If you have Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) your blog posts can be shared from your website to those accounts. This means that when you write your article it will automatically be published on your Social Media accounts. We can also setup where a portion of your article (excerpt) is visible on social media, but to read the entire article it automatically redirects to the article on your website.

Readers can also share your Blog posts to their own Social Media accounts and also follow your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

This article have presented some simple ideas about blogs. There is a lot more that can be done with your blog.

The main idea is that blogging can be an important tool and, more likely than not when your potential Customers need a service that you provide, they will think of you.

You just launched your new website! Great! Either you heard from a colleague, saw an advertisement, or noticed what your competition was doing and decided to get your very own business website. You shopped around. You went over every detail offered by web development companies. You spent time pouring through countless services sections and design previews, and had quite a few consultations, trying to get the most for your hard-earned dollar. You then found a web development company and entrusted them with your vision. For you, it isn’t just a website, but the online home for your dreams and future. They took care of the technical stuff, and they gave you the keys to the online kingdom.

But now what?

You love the look and feel of your website. It really is an accurate representation of who you are and what your business is. It has descriptive sections that explain down to the last detail what you offer to consumers. It’s professional, modern, clean, and user-friendly–not so simple that someone familiar with technology would be put off, but still effortless and straightforward enough that even your not-so-tech-savvy regulars can interact with it. It even came with a custom logo. You decided to revamp your old business logo to something more modern, and you couldn’t be happier with your new and improved brand image.

But now what?

Your new website has all the bells and whistles. Online ordering, secure payment functionality, and linked directly to your business account. You accept every credit card known to man, PayPal, even Crypto-currency. You have an interactive 3D tour of your business for potential customers to see what all your hard work has amounted to. To top it off, you now have a seamless means for customers to contact you directly from the website.

But now what?

This is a story we at ADT Web Design are all too familiar with. A customer finds a web development company, gets their website designed and loves it. The only problem is that with most web development companies, this is where the story ends.

Now that you have this amazing website where the development company takes care of all the ongoing technical stuff, you should be able to sit back and watch the Bitcoin roll in, right? The problem is this: you run your business, one that does not develop websites nor maintain, manage, or market websites. Somebody should have asked you:

So, you got a website, now what?

Your business is your baby. It is your creation and your passion. It is what consumes you, drives you, and gives you life. You nurture it and give much of yourself in the hopes that it will grow and become strong. This is how we feel about our customers’ websites. We care about the growth of your business just as much as you do, and it shows in our dedication to your success.

We are writing a series of articles that will help you to answer the "Now What".

Look for our next article.