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ADT Web Design offers fast, and affordable Websites for Small Business.

We offer pre-made starter websites which require minimal cost and effort on your part to be up and running on the internet in a flash!

Our Web Design templates are available for a variety of small businesses. Our cost is low, and our requirements are minimal to get started. Simply chose a design and signup for one of our monthly plans. We will then assist you to develop your website content using a system to get content into your words. We will also work with you as to what images are needed on your site. We can provide some premium stock images and of course, you can provide some images.

You pay a one time setup fee of $100.00 and a monthly payment of $60.00 for 12 months and $25.00 per month thereafter. The first 12 months will cover the website cost, plus the website care plan. Thereafter you only pay $25.00 per month for the website care plan only. 
Need a logo? We got you covered. Our Graphic Artist will design a logo for your site. This is an extra cost. See Pricing.

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Our starter sites are a low cost of entry with a reasonable monthly fee for 
website Cost and website Care Plan.
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